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Make your podcast stand out from the rest.​

Whether you are just starting or have an established show, our podcast post-production services provide you with excellent sound quality, branded graphics, sharable clips, and more to increase the listenability and accessibility of your podcast.

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Focus on Recording

With every aspect of post-production handled by a dedicated, professional team, all you’ll need to do is focus on recording your unique content.

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Increase Accessibility

We provide you with on-brand, shareable content for each episode so you can consistently share clips to your favorite social media platforms.

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Look and Sound Great

We deliver the best audio and video quality possible for your show and ensure you have a consistent look and sound that is unique to your podcast.


Podcast Production Management Services

Choose a service plan that's right for you.


per month*


Perfect for podcasters who want to look & sound their best in every episode.

Audio Mixing & Mastering

Individual Track Processing

(when applicable)

RSS Feed


Up to One, 60-minute Episode Per Week


per month*


Everything in Starter plus consistent, high-quality

multicam video editing.

A Full Multicam Video Mix

Content Editing to Ensure Optimal Flow

A Full Watch-Through for Accuracy

Direct Upload to YouTube/Spotify

Full Service

per month*


Everything in the Professional package plus social clips, transcripts, & more.

2 YouTube Clips per Episode

3 Social Media Clips Per Episode


Cover Art

YouTube Thumbnail Art for Each Episode & Clip


per month*


Everything in the Full Service package and more, tailored

to your needs. 

Episodes Over 60 Minutes

More than One Weekly Episode

In-Person, Live Recording

& Mixing

Multiple Show Packages



*Launch fees may apply

Save 16%


Featured Clients

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Podcast Production Management_Podcast Manager_Podcast Manager.png
Dedicated Project Management

Every client gets a dedicated post-production manager who handles every thing from editing to RSS management. 

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Professional Post Production

Every show we work on is professionally edited, mixed, and mastered to provide your audience with an optimal visual and aural experience.

Podcast Brand Management

We ensure your podcast stays consistent in quality and on-brand so your audience knows to expect the best from your content. 

Ready to get started? Let's chat.

Contact us to find out if In Post Media is right for your project. One of our producers will reach out shortly.

In Post Media is a full-service video podcast post-production management company. We handle the details of video/audio editing, graphic design, and show management so you can focus on creating great content.

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