Our Philosophy


Some people think you should pay the same amount whether you have a 20 minute podcast or a 60 minute podcast. We think that's bullsh*t.

Others think that it's okay to slap some EQ, compression, "noise reduction," and "de-reverb" (cue eye-roll) on your audio and send it back without listening through it. We especially think that's bullsh*t.

Any type of processing has the potential to lead to instances of distortion in your audio. These include, but are not limited to: the introduction of digital artifacts, voices sounding like robots, or the uncomfortable sensation of repeated pressurization in your head while listening to audio.

None of these are good.



At In Post, we base our tiers of service around dollars per minute (of raw audio) so you are always receiving the same value for your money regardless of the length of your project.

Every service we perform includes a FULL listen-through to ensure that no distortion finds its way into your audio. There is no skimping on the listen-through just for the sake of trying to squeeze 2 full hour-long podcasts into a single hour.

That's not how we get down.

We do our absolute best to create as much value for each client as possible. Each project is unique and the services provided are fluid. We always have a thorough, free consultation with prospective clients to gather as much information as possible about the exact services they are looking for and we work together to create a custom quote from there.

So if you’ve got audio that doesn’t sound as good as you think it should, schedule a free consultation and send it on over — we’ll fix that sh*t in post!