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Physique Development Podcast

The Physique Development Podcast is a weekly audio and video-based (YouTube) show that aims to answer questions from clients and listeners on topics of building muscle, gaining strength, improving health and body composition, and more.


You’ll learn directly from Austin, Sue, and Alex, alongside the rest of the Physique Development coaching staff, on topics ranging from training, nutrition, general health, and more specific and nuanced topics such as program design, hormonal health, and more.

Physique Development FItness Podcast Cover Art
How To Become A Personal Trainer Podcast Cover; Mike Vacanti and Jordan Syatt

How to Become A Personal Trainer

In this podcast, seasoned fitness coaches Mike Vacanti and Jordan Syatt provide practical tips through their engaging banter to help you become a better coach. Through this podcast you'll learn tips grow your business, engage your audience, and positively impact more lives.

The Strength Running Podcast With Jason Fitzgerald

A recommended podcast from Runner’s World, PodiumRunner, and many others, the Strength Running Podcast—often ranking as the #1 running podcast in the United States—will bring you conversations about running with leading experts about how to prevent injuries, improve your performance, get stronger, and develop mental toughness.

Strength Runnning Podcast Cover

More Great Clients

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Biolayne; Layne Norton Podcast; Podcast Cover Art
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